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5 in 1 Phone Cleaning Tool Screen Cleaner Brush Kit

5 in 1 Phone Cleaning Tool Screen Cleaner Brush Kit

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Multipurpose cleaning pen to remove stains from crevices.The little high-density brush works well to thoroughly remove dust from mesh surfaces.The flocking sponge is used to clean the charging case's hole, extending the life of your headphones.

SCREEN CLEANING: If you have a spray bottle that is empty, all you need to do is add water to it and use a fiber lint to remove grease and fingerprints from your phone, tablet, laptop, monitor, and TV screen.

The 5-IN-1 CLEANING KIT comes with a number of attachments, including flocking sponges, metal nibs, a cleaning spray bottle (no spray), high-density brushes, and more. The multi-tool airpods cleaning kit will accommodate your various cleaning requirements.

PORTABLE AND DURABLE: The product is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is lightweight. A must-have laptop, tablet, earphone, and computer accessory for all sexes.Size of product: 3.8*7.5*1.8CM. 25g (without spray).

Wide range of cleaning needs are met by the phone and headset cleaning pen set, which is appropriate for headsets, headphones, mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and other digital items.




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